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Гомельский цирк
On Independence Day of Republic of Belarus, July 3, 2006

More photos of Gomel State Circus building...
Фото: Август 2009, JPG, 675x900 px, 220 kBФото: Июнь 2010, JPG, 934x600 px, 140 kB
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  ° Fountain next to the Gomel State Circus

Фонтан у цирка вечером
  ° Fountain next to the Gomel State Circus at night time

Left:  ° Statue for famous clown Karandash opened in front of Gomel State Circus on June 1, 2006.
Right: Flowers are for Karandash, the leash is for his dog Klyaksa, all from newlyweds :-)

Decorative pool on the playground on the right of circus

The playground on the right of circus is popular place among kids

Above: The circus foyer.
Below: In the circus foyer durig the intermission
В фойе цирка во время антракта

Building of the circus hotel O Enlarge

Other pfotos of the circus hotel:
Июль 2010

After show


Greetings for the jubilee

The show of Nikulin Circus is presented by son of the famous clown — Maxim Nikulin

Director of Moscow Circus on a Scene - Lev Lebedev
Our guest - Lev Lebedev, Director of Moscow Circus on a Scene sees a show in our circus.

Taisia Kornilova at the run-through of program "The Mystery of Giant Elephants"

Yury Kuklachev
Guest of Gomel State Circus — Yury Kuklachev (May 13, 2012)

Концерт Аллы Пугачевой
  ° Concert of Alla Pugachyova in Gomel State Circus on November 20, 2006

Город 312
  ° Concert of group "City 312" in Gomel State Circus on January 22, 2009

 °  Concert of duet Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh, Novembr 2, 2010

Premiere of the number «STALKER» - Rope walkers under management of Alikhan Alikhanov

Alikhanov's team
After the successful premiere of number "Stalker" - a photo of the participants in front of Vorhang (the curtain).

Цирк на льду
"Ice fantasy" — circus on ice of Yana Shevchenko

V. Shumilin

Force juggler Alexander Provatorov

The theatre-and-circus show "KRAKATUK"

Братья Запашные
Zapashnyi Brothers are on the arena

Сентябрь 2004
Circus "Safari"

Aerialists Nikolaev's

Arkady Gareginyan

Lyubov and Vitaly Vorobievs

American Wheel
Super attraction «American Wheel» by circus "Vitali"

Magic show «Abstraction» in the program "Leonidi"

"Planet of the Apes"

«Russian Style» - teeterboard acrobats under management of Andrei Kovgar

Natalia and Yuri Alexandrovs

«Kuban' Cossacs» of Yuri Merdenov

Greetings to Yuri Merdenov for his Birthday

Tatiana Filatova and Rada

Igor and Gleb Pavlovs

Клоун Александр Ковалев
Sad Alexander Kovalyov

The show finale.

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